Breastfeeding: The Benefits for Both Mother and Baby

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Breastfeeding ( also known as nursing).

Breastfeeding: Is the process in which the mother has a baby feeding the milk through the breast in a natural way, which is important for the child and the transfer of natural immunity to him.

Advantages of Breastfeeding:

There are many benefits for an infant as:

1. Promote emotional security and infant-mother bonding.

2. Immunological protection.

3. Fewer problems with colic than bottle-fed infants.

4. Fewer problems with digestion and constipation.

5. Ready any time.

6. Promotes facial and muscular development.

7. Fresh and free of contamination.

8. Human milk is probably sufficient and balanced.

There are many benefits for mother as:

. Help returns rapidly to the pre-pregnant state.

2. It is the most economical method of feeding, it is not free milk ( mother need high protein and high caloric diet).

3. May help space pregnancies.

4. A relaxing experience that is both physically and emotionally enjoyable.

5. Lactated women have the lowest risk for breast cancer.

6. Breastfeeding also may offer protection against obesity and atherosclerosis for mother.

Contraindication to breastfeeding as:

1. Serious debilitating maternal disease such as hearts disease or Advanced cancer.

2. Galactosemia in the infant.

3. Hepatitis B and TB in mother.

4. Human immune deficiency virus.

Note:- Mastitis is no contraindication.

Successful process of breastfeeding:

1. An initial feeding opportunity as soon as after delivery as possible and at least 2-3 hours thereafter.

2. Mother must wash her hands before feeding her infant.

3. The mother must be comfortable in order to relax this assist the letdown sensation.

4. The mother may either sit or lie down while she nurses her baby.

5. Mother must put the infant in a semi-sitting position through feeding time.

6. Mother must sure that infant has both areola and nipple in his mouth.

7. Mother must help her infant by gently milking her breast while holding it by opposite hand (3rd, 4th, 5th fingers holding the breast from down, areola and nipple between 2nd and 3rd fingers with thump above breast body).

8. Mother must sure that infant nasal pathway is open.

9. Mother must alternate breast each feeding to promote milk production in both breasts.

10. Mother must observe her infant for full time during feeding.

11. Scheduling breastfeeding every two to four hours and feeding on demand.

12. Mother must burp her infant after each meal correctly.

13. Lying infant on his right side after the meal or on his abdomen.

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